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@unknown A factor in the planning process considered to be true, real, or certain, without proof , demonstration or guarantee.

@PM Thoughts - Team Reference: | @Martin Stevens (Experienced project professional seeking new and challenging interim or full-time programme / project management rôles): Have contributed a piece to this edition of PM Magazine. Please take a look and share with colleagues

@unknown "I can say with pretty good evidence that we humans seem to enjoy making the same mistakes over and over again. Hence, I have come with a better terminology to explain this dilemma called; regression to the stupid (derived from the fact that humans collectively call themselves smart)." - Mark Donnelly

@unknown Reference: | An alphanumeric (text, number, or combination of both) unique value assigned to each activity that enables classifying, sorting, tracking, grouping and filtering.

@unknown A technique for estimating the duration or cost of an activity or a project using historical data from similar activity or project. PMI Lexicon

@PM Thoughts - Team Reference: | the WBS represents all of the deliverables to be produced by the project for which work activities will be defined, planned, and executed.



@unknown Project Manager

@unknown Reference: | here are a number of individual roles that must be accounted for when looking at the group of individuals that makes up the project management team. Breaking it down more carefully, you will see that the term project management team is comprised of the individual and unique members of the project team who find themselves to be directly involved in any or all project management related activities.

@unknown The planned dates for performing activities and meeting milestones.